Empire Minecraft Youtube Promotion Video

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  1. With the help of meerkatman1, i finally got this out into public. A couple hours of editing turned out to make a masterpiece (kinda), it took ages though. Well im a fast editor anyways and I do love editing, so why am I complaining? derp.

    Here ya go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCtPIOXnzmw&feature=youtu.be
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  2. pretty good video, just one thing: remove the watermark please :l

    also; you can put your referral link in the description!
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  3. Just watched the video Chewsy and I loved it! :p I hope you make more videos for us! :D
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  4. I like this video, but I got a few things:

    - If it is possible please remove the watermark.
    - Maybe you should have more video than text.
    - YAY YAY 9001 PARTAY!!!
    - I think if you practice more you could be a good editor :)
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  5. Ok, sorry and thanks xD
  6. Ok, if you mean the thumbnail i removed it and thanks =3
  7. The thumbnail or the bandicam thing? if it's the bandicam thing sadly, i can't
  8. I ment the bandicam thingy.
    I tought that there are other free record programs without a watermark logo. I'll look around for you :)

    If you are looking for a record program that you need to pay for:

    - Fraps, Fraps is only $30 (not sure) and if you paid - you never have to pay again :)

    I got Fraps myself - It works really good!
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  9. I think that you have done a great job!:) Your message was clear and to the point. There was enough scene change/ variety to be interesting without dizzying. Your cuts between shots was smooth and pleasing. I do agree that you could have used a little less time with text or perhaps find a way to overlay or share text/game shots in future attempts.(some kind of picture in picture?)

    Please don't take constructive comments as attacks. People spend years in training and practice to produce professional quality video. I feel like you are well on your way! I have been working on recording and editing recently and it's a lot easier to be critical of the finished work than it is to create something from scratch. I know the youtube team members are not trying to discourage you, but to help you be better.

    The watermark is because it's the trial version of the software. It costs $40 to remove the watermark.:eek:
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  10. Thanks =) ill try get it
  11. Thanks =)
  12. That tune made me want to start holding my puppy coz it was so cute!
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  13. Looks great :) I'd just like to make a point though:
    If I was you, I'd go for Dxtory, it's cheaper, better optimised and most importantly, it doesn't produce massive files for your PC to have to cope with .
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  14. I believe that Fraps is 37$. I am buying it myself; it works very well.
  15. I use Camtasia Studio, Clean record screen and free editing program ;)
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  16. If you've cracked it...
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  17. I just use the trial. Works very well
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  18. Well, I tried it but i think the editing is very limited. However, the recording is great!
  19. You just need to keep using the stuff you get, The editing has loads of stuff to use, there is clip speed, alot of stuff :D
  20. Downloading Fraps to try it out =3