Empire Minecraft Wild/Nether Easter Eggs!

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  1. Yesterday I found out that there were easter eggs in the new wild spawn/outposts and nether in the protected spawn. Here are some of the easter eggs I found. I will edit this post with more pictures if I find more.
    Warning the spoilers will show pictures of the easter eggs!



    This was inside the snowman...

    This was inside the netherman....

    Btw can someone tell me why its giving me 2 spoilers each?

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  2. ok.... what do these do?
  3. can you say DIAAAAMONDSS? lol nice share; thanks mate.
  4. Where is the bottom one at? :confused:
  5. Well first off it looks like the snowmen are holding 3x3 blocks or rare ores fully compressed so that is 9 blocks worth of 9 diamonds and gold which is 81 total of both substances so that's a pretty big score. The one at the bottom looks to be at least 13 blocks long on 2 sides and 3 high and 10-15 across on that front wall. So at a rough guess that room has over 100 diamond block which could be way more given enchantments on tools and what not. Awesome finds btw, can't wait to find this stuff as i play mainly on sm2
  6. You must understand, these Easter Eggs were created using creative mode. You will never be able to take them and they are not wasted materials. They are spawned items and that is why they are in the PROTECTED SPAWN. :)
  7. but i'z want the diamondzz xD

    anyhow, its nice that the mods put in the work for this, to give us some entertainment and joy lol
  8. What about the periodic resets? :p
  9. It already happened... DUH :p
  10. But don't they reset every two weeks? :eek:
  11. These easter eggs are in protected spawn, so they wont reset.
  12. Where are the 5th and Last pictures?
  13. Nice job, also:

    The nether man and snowman have more ;)
  14. Yea where is that one?
  15. Secret.....:p