Empire Minecraft Wallpapers

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  1. Hey guys and girls here are some empire minecraft wallpapers that I whipped up today tell me what you think and feel free to use them! Also got any suggestions for a picture? Let me know and I might just make it ;)



    Here are the links to the full size images:
    First iPhone picture: Here
    Second iPhone picture: Here
    Desktop/Laptop picture: Here

  2. Is that epic or is that epic? :D
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  4. Very nice
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  5. Thank you :)
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  6. Any suggestions?
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  7. Hm... Meaby every Admins/Mods/Staffs MC skin's face and Empire Minecraft above it?
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  8. Very cool, defs using the iPhone one :)
  9. I could try it out if you want me to :D
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  10. Great work bobthetomato. It was very generous of you to whip up these epic wallpapers for the empire to use. Im already using the one on my desktop. ;)
  11. You welcome :) I always love to help the community in any way I can :)
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  12. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
  13. I am gonna talk to Justin and I will maybe work on it today :)
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  14. Yei! Also to get theyr heads you can use this:
    Just put theyr name to the avatar.
    (For example avatar: MisterScizzo)
  15. Thank but I have a different idea in mind...
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  16. I admit, that would be pretty awesome. Especially if I get to become a mod! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  17. Lol tht would be the day
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  18. Maybe with me in the background being mauled by a zombie?
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  19. How about no.
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  20. Fine..... But if you ever make one with players on it, THATS WHAT I WANT....