Empire Minecraft tutorial videos. Made by members for memebers!

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  1. In these videos we show some of the more confusing residence commands and how to use shops and build them. Also how to use some of the plugins.
    Episode 1 Eggification
    Episode 2 First look at claiming a residence
    Episode 3 Residence permissions and flags.
    Episode 4 More on residences and Shops
    Episode 5 Chat overview and commands

    Episode 5 is done! tell us what we should do next! Thanks to my main man PThagaard for helping me make this!
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  2. Nice job :) I am going to work on getting a place in the Empire Guide where we can link to these better :)
  3. I was hoping someone would start getting this kinda stuff on youtube! Very awesome. Thanks.
  4. Thanks and also thanks to PThagaard he really helped me with parts 3 and 4.
  5. Haha, the first one made me laugh a bit. The eggification only works on animals (and villagers). Was kinda funny watching you chase down a skeleton for a minute with a stick.
  6. Yeah shoulda looked at the guide more closely xD Just reminds you Look in the guide we promise its in there.
  7. Oh btw does anyone know a good program to record java with? Fraps is not working out very well
  8. Quicktime playerworks on a mac
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  9. i would love to help with these i could do Redstone with Tclementi1 duh duh duhhhhh
  10. use hdpro record :with i moviehdpro
  11. PC... that means windows...
  12. oh sorry i got macbok pro i could do the editing for you send it to me in quicktime ill convert it and edit it???
  13. Well i just need a better recorder
  14. May I suggest that you change server for every video?
  15. Well I would but my horrible house is on smp 6 but ill try
  16. Ahah I thought it might be good, get all the servers some air time :)
  17. smp 7 wont let me do anything on it it lags horribly for me and I am stuck in a void so no go on that. Justinguy or Jeremy I think some of the plug ins require materials that I can not get easily. Also I would like to do a video about supporters. Could we maybe arrange something where I get the supporter rank for 30 mins to show the benefits of donating?