empire minecraft team speak server

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  1. heres the ip for the team speak server i hosted just for the empire:
    --removed-- please use mumble :)
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  2. but the empire already has a mumble?
  3. it does, that is why i said about it lol
  4. its okay :) now you know! :D
  5. It says Mumble is running on 1.2.4, and after looking on the internet, I can only find 1.2.5 versions of Mumble.. Will 1.2.5 work on aikar.co? :confused:
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  6. yup. its backwards compatible
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  7. And Knowing is half the battle G! I! JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. I'm guessing some people prefer team speak or something?
  9. Removed IP, please keep to mumble, don't need the community fragmented :)
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  10. I sure do.
  11. I think we should change to team speak tbh, or at least let people pick which one they prefer :L
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  12. Even if they did switch to TS, I have my TS server I call home :p
  13. TeamSpeak does not provide any benefit to be worth switching to and having to pay for it.

    Plus if i ever get to it, we can integrate mumble into the Empire user database.
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  14. If have f idea what team speak is yet, what exactly is it
  15. It's a program that lets you voice chat with everyone all at the same time, like a chat room but by voice.

    We use a 100% free software called Mumble, http://mumble.sf.net and you can join 'emc.gs' to chat with other EMC players.