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  1. Today I created a subreddit for EMC.

    What is reddit and what can you do with it?
    Reddit is website full with subreddits about almost everything you can imagine. There is a subreddit for funny pictures, memes, or more serious stuff like politics. And there is a subreddit for minecraft. Everyone posts their awesome creations there. You can see the best buildings there.

    A "subreddit" for EMC, so what?
    With this subreddit, you can easily advertise for your awesome new shop, or view the latest huge build. If we can get the staff to look there too, we can even post suggestions there too :D.

    Don't we already have a forum for this
    Of course. The forum is an awesome tool to let the people communicate and advertise, but with this subreddit everything is in one place, and you won't miss a thing if you aren't a person who checks the forum 24/7.
    Reddit also has an upvoting and downvoting system, so if you really love someones building - upvote! - if you see a dirt house - downvote. With this system you will always see the best links when you go to:


    This thing can only work out if we all post our shops and houses there, and upvote and downvote everything we (dis)like! So everyone, take screenshots, go to the website, post, vote, enjoy!

    I also need some more moderators (preferably one whos first language is english) for the subreddit, please contact me if you are interested.
  2. I think we have one, but nice idea.
  3. Do you have a link?

    Edit: found it, it's /r/emc... But it's inactive for over 5 months now. Why not have a fresh start? :)
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  4. He doesnt need a link. If he says there might be one already made, then he doesnt need a link.
  5. No, but the link would help him confirm that there is already one there. :)

    However, I have to agree with piet, the old one is very inactive so a fresh start could be a good idea.
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  6. Yes I know that, im just saying, dont always need a link. :)
  7. I can say with certainty that people don't know what reddit is. Putting in the link would help people without a doubt.
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  8. Yes but im not just talking about this.
  9. Come on people, we need some more people to post their shops and creations! Making an account on reddit is SUPER easy: just type in a username and the password you want to use, and you're done! After you made your account, go to www.reddit.com/r/empireminecraft and post an ad for your shop.
  10. I subcribed I'm TheEpic5miner
  11. Thanks :)! Are you planning to post things you made?
  12. Maybe
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  13. I'll post when my Wi-Fi is working
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