Empire Minecraft Spotlight: Pilot - Top 10 [Winners]

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  1. The Winners have been announced at the bottom of this post!
    This post concludes the first ever Empire Minecraft Spotlight video! I celebrated by purchasing brownies at my nearest bakery (I actually didn't) and finally got around to the handout of rewards. The results made their point and the winners will be announced within these next few lines, but first I would like to say that I was planning on creating a "Top 10" video to correspond with the rewarding, but I don't have enough time within my schedule to do so. Do keep in mind, that this project (EMC Spotlight: Pilot) was called a pilot simply to test it's system. I do like the idea and want to continue working on this, but until I can find enough time, I have no specific dates as to when other spotlight events will be held.

    If you still have not seen this video, where have you been?

    --This is how I plan to work the next possible spotlight videos--

    After realizing how much work this project actually is, I decided to develop a system that should make things work out quicker for me, and the rest of the community that wishes to take part. The system will work using the list that follows.

    • I will create a submission form using Google Documents to collect residential submissions. This form will be available 24/7 until I feel that I have enough residences to look through, or I will prepare a due date like I have done previously. To make this easier for me, this form will require that you provide a link to a snapshot of your residence, as well as a description of what it is.
    • I will basically run off of a "Top Ten" basis for the spotlight. This pilot had about 30 residences total, and that was quite a project to run through. Instead I will just choose 10 from the submissions, ask people to vote, and I will then create a Top 10 video using the results.
    • The rewards may not always be the same for each spotlight project, so don't get too used to the rewards system just yet. I will eventually make a standard reward system for the Spotlight Projects so people know what they are working for.
    • Some Spotlight Projects will request specified themes. An example would be "EMC Spotlight: Summer 2012". I will specify each theme, and in this example I would ask for submissions that portray Summer. So perhaps you would create a beach? This is where you get creative!
    After drinking all the coffee and tearing out all the pages in my notebook, the system described above was born. I feel this system will work out MUCH better than what I did previously. It will save me a lot of time, and give you quicker results.

    Now that all that has been explained, let's move on to the winners of the Top 10 contest for this project! The results are linked below:

    The Original Voting Summary
    The Tie-Breaker Summary

    1st Place: MR2R2M and Eclipsys rewarded with 10,000 Rupees
    2nd Place: amadai rewarded with 9,000 Rupees
    3rd Place: NurseKilljoy rewarded with 8,000 Rupees
    4th Place: Hasorko rewarded with 7,000 Rupees
    5th Place: Dark_Liz rewarded with 6,000 Rupees
    6th Place: Squizzel_Boy rewarded with 5,000 Rupees
    7th Place: 32japan1 rewarded with 4,000 Rupees
    8th Place: Yukon1200 rewarded with 3,000 Rupees
    9th Place: NinjaWolfElite rewarded with 2,000 Rupees
    10th Place: BloodDisciple rewarded with 1,000 Rupees
    You have all been payed. :)

    Congratulations to all of you!

    I have one more thing to announce.
    That is all.
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  2. OMG, that logo is the best thing ever of all time.
  3. So you mentioned in your original post that you were going to do a top 10 video of the winner's residences. Is that still in the works, or are you just going to be done with it and move on to your next project?

    ^I also agree with IcecreamCow
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  4. I pretty much dropped the top 10 video idea because of scheduling. If I held it off any longer you may have waited until the end of May, and I really wanted to drop this Pilot. It seems that it worked out alright for a first, but I spent a good bit of time coming up with a new system on how I will run this Spotlight project. The details are in the open post. :)

    EDIT: The main reason I changed the way I am doing this is to fit it in with my time schedule. It's also because this Pilot was a rather large project for me, considering I never made a limit to how many people would be in the video. I figured I may as well just get a vote on 10 residences and make a video strictly on that.
  5. WOW I completely missed that... I guess I just scrolled over the whole post and your logo just blew my mind apart so hard that I forgot to read the first paragraph :p Sorry 'bout that.
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  6. Hah! XD
    That's alright.
    Now that I think about it... what if I made a bunch of themed EMC Logos for Justin to use on these forums...
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  7. tonic, if u can make logos, i hav a small project for u! awesome by the way! PM me for further details :D
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  8. Your writing, logos and videos are all excellent - keep up the good work, you shall go far.
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  9. Many thanks! :)
  10. thank u so much that project was great!!!!!
    i was very confused when i first logged on today because i had so much more rupees.....now i know why!! XD
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  11. @tonicthunder: i agree with above posts, this was awesome and would love to see more of them! some of the featured res's I would have probably never seen if it wasnt for your video, and it was wonderfully executed! It's too bad that you might not have enough time to do more soon, have you ever thought about recruiting a team to help so it's not all on your shoulders?
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  12. When June arrives, i'll have plenty of time (Hopefully). :D

    I did think about bringing in a member or two from Crimson Blades Entertainment, the multi-media community that I own. I may introduce my best leader in which will help me out in occasions, and even join in with me for some commentary on the residences! :)
  13. Epic win logo. EPIC WIN
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  14. Good Job Winners
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  15. that is the coolest logo i have ever seen! that is so awesome! how do you even create a page like this anyway?
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  16. When do you think the next spotlight will be??
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  17. congrats to everyone that got a spot in this, they deserved it :D
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  18. In time, is all I can say. :)
  19. Awesome video! How did you find all the houses to put in the spotlight?
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  20. I actually asked for people to submit residences that they felt could make it into the project. I used the best residences that were listed. I'm changing the way this will work from now on though, for that method was quite a bit of trouble. :)
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