Empire Minecraft Site | Can't [Search] After Website Upgrade/Additions

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AlexC__, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Am I the only one experiencing? i'm on an iPad, would that explain it? by [Search] I mean for threads on the website.

    May I also say that, I don't like being sent to main Alerts page when I click on my Alerts at the top. :)
  2. Search is working on for me :)
  3. Strange :/ I can type on the white bar, but it doesn't respond when I press [enter].
    And when I click my name at the top am I supposed to be re-directed to my settings instead of my profile page?
  4. Works on IPad 2.

    And the Alerts is working fine here too with the window toggling.
  5. Are you using standard Safari browser or an app?
  6. Wow. I'll try restarting it.
  7. Standard, it was working fine before the new additions :)
  8. Basically, the problem is nothing pops up for me anymore :/
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  9. Its nothing to be ashamed of.
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  10. Problem solved after a reset! :D Thanks guys, lock it?
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