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  1. Hey EMC! I was sitting around on SMP3 today when I thought, what would be a better idea than to be able to talk to all SMPs at once? Thus, the Kik Chat Groups are born. If you have Kik for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, you can join my public chat groups, available for all SMPs including an EMC Main group. If the groups happen to be filled, please be patient, as Kik only allows 50 people per group.

    To join these group chat(s), open Kik and press the green search button at the bottom right (Android) or blue search button at the top right (iPhone)

    Next, in the textbox that appears, type the corresponding hashtag.

    Group Hashtags
    EMC Main: #emc.main
    SMP1: #emc.smp1
    SMP2: #emc.smp2
    SMP3: #smp3
    SMP4: #smp4
    SMP5: #smp5
    SMP6: #smp6
    SMP7: #smp7
    SMP8: #smp8
    SMP9: #smp9
    Utopia: #emc.utopia
  2. Chat Rules
    1. Don't be annoying or spam
    2. Be social! Don't join and not say anything! You will be kicked after 5 minutes of inactivity after first joining!
    3. Only join your corresponding group, unless you need to ask a question or advertise an event. Space is limited!
    4. Have fun! Don't be shy or scared, EMC is kind! :)
  3. RESERVED for something
  4. i have a windows phone -.-"
  5. I have kik but not sure if i can connect to you guys...