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  1. Last Night I was brainstorming some ideas for EMC and I thought of soemthing were you could by levels [XP].

    To make this work what you would do is give up your levels for rupees bassicly aslong as players buy it. There will be no chest included only signs

    A sign would be like this:

    B 1500
    XP 50
    Of course the level would not be 50 it could be any level up to 50.

    Also players when buying will be given a choice of if you want to buy and a list of enchantments you could get with that level. [This bit not neccesary and may not be needed some times].
  2. I so wish they had this, it would be EPIC!
  3. great idea
  4. You can't do this. It has to be the XP orbs because the amount of XP needed for a level varies.
  5. Its not XP orbs its automatic it just come sout of your xp so you need to have level 50 to sell level 50
  6. Its not worth it though anyway. It would mess up Texp and if I have a grinder I am going to make enchanted picks and sell for alot more than the raw XP.
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  7. Oh.. i read it wrong. It wouldn't be helpful at all...
  8. In theory this is a wonderful idea, for server's that do not care about the economy. In reality, this will kill the economy.
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  9. It will not mess up TEXP. You would get the TEXP from mobs still not from this.
  10. Ok, it's still not great. It'd kill economy like rob said.
  11. Let me put this into terms, well, that I can understand.

    What your saying is that while people go out and farm materials for making cake, others can sit back and relax because they can simply walk up to a shop and purchase the ingredients. Without people farming the materials for cake, mass quantities will not exist. And I will become sad. Whilst in theory, buying the ingredients would be more efficient for suppliers, think about the future impact it will have. Do you want all farms to disappear, and see people spending money left and right for ingredients? Or would you rather just have the farms exist for an infinite supply of ingredients, in which are harvested with love and the people in mind?
  12. There's still the server store :3
  13. But look at it's prices. It only exists for a person who desperately needs something. It is there to get you to go out into the wilderness and find them like your suppose to do in MINECRAFT, rather than you paying large amounts of money for the items at an infinite shop.
  14. True...
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  15. hmmm rob has a point........ can a mod close this topic? i think that most of the ppl to see this will not find it interesting after reading the comments
  16. You can buy enchanted items which is fair enough since they are (within reason) randomly enchanted and someone who has legitly got the XP has enchanted them.

    By allowing the direct buying of XP then you wouldn't just wreck the economy in general, you'd also wreck the smaller enchantment stores. Also, I can guarantee if it was implemented into EMC, at least 1% of people who bought XP and got a bad enchantment would spam town chat by begging for a refund. Imagine it:
    Also, at the end of the day it would take away the lovely vanilla Minecraft feel EMC currently has.
    1. Buying XP would ruin TEXP
    2. It's not something I see Justin wanting to implement.
    3. It's too far from the vanilla game.
    4. I can see a drop in the value and an increase of availability of enchanted items already.
  17. As I said the TEXP would not be ruined when buying XP it would not count towards TEXP. The TEXP will still be from killing mobs and looting their xp orbs.
  18. And XP would need to be expensive due to it being hard to get to a high level.