Empire Minecraft Builds and Quests LP

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Do you have a build?

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Yes 6 vote(s) 75.0%
Maybe 2 vote(s) 25.0%
No 2 vote(s) 25.0%
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  1. Hi Guys

    As you may know we are doing an LP on Empire Minecraft showing off all the builds and going on quests.
    But to do that we need builds to show off so if you have a res, farm, wild house or hidden town let us know.
    Simply fill out the application form below and we will let you know which episode features your build.

    Watch MY new and improved intro here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjsuGc5u29o

    Application form for builds

    What is your build:
    Where is your build (server and res/coordinates):
    Who built it:
    Which episode do you want it in:
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest):
    If you've being banned or kicked why?:
  2. Question
    1: Does build have to be completed?
    2: Does the build have to be built by only myself?
    3: Yea.....
  3. lol, female youtubers? let me guess why...
  4. to add a female touch to the LP?
  5. 1. Yes.
    2.No but get permission from the builder first.
    3. You spell it "Yeah"
  6. Hmmm....
    Female helpers? I wonder why.....
  7. 1:ewww
    2: I am the builder just had help
    3: Now I don't feel like sharing the build anymore *.*, bye :p
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  8. I don't like the way you just said female..hmm..
  9. Dude... Make your own intro... Your using someone else's work again.
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  10. dude BEING there done that got the t-shirt... and made 3 episodes...
  11. also need more youtubers for the videos!!! (would be good if got 5 more)
    Pm me if interested!
  12. I upload all the way up to episode six... btw i have something cool planed for the 5 final episodes!

    EDIT: If anyone wants a build shown its still open...
  13. What is your build:The stuff on my res
    Where is your build (server and res/coordinates):2303
    Who built it:Me
    Which episode do you want it in:Any
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest):Kicked
    If you've being banned or kicked why?:Going AFK for hours without realising it.
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  14. Accepted your build will be shown on the next episode (i'll tell when it is)!
  15. Episode eight will soon be uploaded.