Empire Minecraft Application

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Do you think there should be an Empire Minecraft app?

Poll closed Mar 12, 2012.
Yes! 10 vote(s) 90.9%
No! 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Hey guys and girls! I know this has probably been asked before but does anyone else thinks it sucks to view the website from a and iPhone or any other phone? Well I can telly you I do! If Justin allows me to I can start creating an IOS Empire minecraft application, but Justin has to give me the green light before I can start. If anyone else know about making applications and wants to help feel free to mesage me ;)

    Thanks for your time,
  2. Really not 1 post?
  3. You gotta bump things! Bump by the way :) this is a brilliant idea that's arose many times before. The only issue is that we would need an experienced coder to create such an app. Justin has the ability to the best of my knowledge, but has his job, EMC.com and a NEW BABY to think about :)
  4. As I said, I could possibly do it.
  5. Well nobody in their right mind would appose! Off my good man!
  6. Lol, I have been but I am not sure if I should without Justin's say....
  7. This has been brought up multiple times I am sure JustinGuy will probably have plans for one in the mere future
  8. Guys Justin and Jeremy DO LISTEN. If we all vote yes than they may take it into consideration!
  9. I did say it probably has been brought up before....
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  10. at least the live map so i dont have to use my PC and laptop. Then I be happy :)
  11. If I get the green light ;)
  12. It would be REALLY nice! Yes! From me!
  13. I would bet that the livemap would be a little resource heavy for most phones. An app of some sort would be pretty cool, except I'm an Android user. :p