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  1. thoughts on how to make it better comments on it etc please i want to make it very spot on for the Empire as it is my home for my minecraft needs
  2. Rather than "Join Our Server", try putting something that speaks to who we are. Such as "SMP Done Right". You don't have to include all the little text I did on the examples , but something has to grab people and people hate being told what to do. Humor also works well like "Herobrine free since 2011". Thanks Zerr :)
  3. oh i am aware it was an example i was just playing around with a larger icon image knowing now after seeing aus image i should make more of a banner size :)
  4. If I were you, I would add different text as Justin said. Something catchier, something smoother, something a little more "us"ier.

    And maybe, try to make the text fit the image better. At the moment it kind of looks like if I grabbed it, it would peel off the ad. :oops:

    But otherwise I love the background, keep up the good work!
  5. I make stuff derpy. so here is a quote version :)

    Edit: i can change the text and image to anything. i saved the psd for it XD
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