Empire Minecraft Acceptable MODS Installation Tutorials

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  1. Welcome to Video tutorials for installing ACCEPTABLE EMC Mods
    (only mods that are acceptable on EMC will be posted here)

    Twitch1 (retired Moderator) started an approved EMC mods forum a while back and now I will be taking those mods and putting them into a step by step video tutorial for both the EMC community and the Minecraft community

    Friends Overlay mod:

    More mods will be added and hopefully a complete installation of all of the mods into one video.

    Feedback is always supported Comment below or on my YouTube
    Lets keep offensive language to a minimum if it makes you that upset then post it to YouTube and not on EMC
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  2. Or magic launcher. :)
  3. Helpful video. Gave it a like and comment :3
  4. lol just realized that it was missing the link for WinRar * changing now*
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