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  1. I love the fact that this is a family server, and everyone is interconnected in some way. Most servers I've played on have no sense of rules or family whatsoever. I need to change my shape from being a loner into a family person. Got any suggestions?
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  2. Make some friends, hop servers, talk to people.
    People are surprisingly receptive, and will always take the opportunity to chat, provided they aren't doing something.
    Cheers! I'm on smp4 if you need me :)
  3. This is my second chance, so I'm gonna need some second chance friendly ideas.
  4. Go on any of the smp's and start a convo with someone that sounds fun to talk to.
    I recommend talking to people from smp7 there a bunch of funny people there :)
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  5. Definitely don't forget to be forum active too. :p
  6. yea and that is very important as well :)
  7. Welcome to EMC!
  8. (Update) All settled in now!
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  9. If you want to become a better known member the best start is taking to a few people :p
    Maybe making yourself known for doing certain things, attending a few events is a good start as well
    But Legit is right by saying join a wild camp, they're all like little families to begin with