Empire Minecraft (2014 VIDEO) [Looking for players]

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  1. I decided that it was time to create a new, updated, video of the EMC Promotional Video that the wonderful Heyaroo made. This time it will have more effects, sounds, and include some more of what was updated onto the server. It will show the REAL experience of EMC...

    For that, I will need volunteers. Shooting starts this week, and I have been planning a lot, including an upcoming contest for the video. For now, I will be picking wonderful players to help me out with the project, including actors, co directors, and helpers.


    If you would like to help, please send a form to http://bit.ly/EMCVideoForm We will be making group conversations and planning on the video. If we need to communicate we will most likely be using the EMC mumble.

    Please, I have been appreciating the amazing work coming from not just the EMC Staff, but from the players that make this place home. Not one server has been the same. Lets make it look even BETTER than it is with this updated video.(No, I don't suck at editing.)

    A thread will be posted sometime this week to next week, depending how many players we have. Thank you!
  2. Myself and olaf_c already started ;)
    Hoping to make it in a month
  3. Well, neither of ours is official so it does not matter.

    Good luck, wisepsn. I would be happy to become an actor.
  4. That is what I was asking, not really about the contest. I thank you for being helpful with this idea, I can't wait to get started this weekend(I am not having school tomorrow so I do EXTRA planning :p )
  5. Hope I'm already an actor lol :p
  6. You are lol
  7. I can help in whatever needed.
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  8. Don't forget the Epic 'making of' "Empire Mincraft 2014" :) to be included with retail releases in the special features. :p
  9. I was also doing one of these but I never finished with editing and such
  10. Of course :p
  11. Bump. Just created a new 30 second preview on the official conversation. Apply today! Recording this week!
  12. Hello all!

    Thank you to everyone who has been signing up for this event, I can't thank you any much.

    I have gotten some recording for the video, and some residences, and this week I will be collecting players that are on to help with parts of the video. We are still accepting residences numbers to record.
  13. once my second utopia res is complete (alt) it will be beautiful and you can use it for the vid