Empire MineCast Summer "Vacation"

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  1. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I've been asked this a number of times recently: The MineCast is NOT going to release another episode in the next few days or weeks. Here's why:

    Aaron and I (Yukon1200 and JabrZer0) are both on summer vacation from school. Because of this, we don't have access to our editing software, and so we have no way of putting together videos :p

    That said, we are grateful for the support we've received so far, and we're looking forward to starting up again in September! (we're working on some big projects in the meantime... get excited for the first few episodes when we come back!)
  2. I expect things.
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  3. You sound like me and Smooch, except instead of being on vacation, I have to study for exams and finish off essays/reports. -_-
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  4. and i.... am busy :3
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  5. Sure sure. Busy on reddit.
  6. Yea, we had the same problem. We were hoping to get one out while doing all that though :p didn't happen unfortunately
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  7. I love your vids i understand the wait as well. this has been buging me but which server is your little island of doom on?
  8. Bump much?? :p
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  9. What software do you use? Also nows the perfect time to ask. You said you didn't have access software hehe i do.
  10. Congratulations. You just bumped a thread from May. Also, they PROBABLY are back now....
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  11. about 3 weeks guys! and we use the built-in screen record function on Quicktime Player for Mac, and Final Cut Pro to edit.
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  12. oh, and survival island was on smp5 (we mention it briefly at the beginning of the video)
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  13. That's EXACTLY what I use.... :O
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