Empire MineCast: Island Adventure Part 3

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  1. We're back at it with part 3 of our island survival! Part 4 soon to come. Enjoy :)
  2. I actually think you did get three chicken legs when you ate that bread.
  3. No he got 3, I got two since it actually did 3 but I was halfway through one chicken leg to start with. It counted that as empty, and then filled up what it thought was 3
  4. Haha. this is awesome :D
  5. Ahh.
  6. great job guys.. glad to see another video out :)
  7. Thanks :p And in our defense, the reason it takes so long to get more videos out is because Youtube HATES us for some reason. It takes roughly 4-5 hours just to upload a video, let alone processing time. And that is on top of whether or not Jordan can remember to not close his computer and cancel the upload... -.-
  8. wow really? for a 15 min or less video it never takes me longer than 15 minutes to upload...thats more connection tho. And you gotta leave that computer opened xD
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  10. ikr.. sometimes i cant believe just how lucky i am xD :cool:
  11. lol " It's only a fresh wound"
  12. I see you already have 8 videos up. It has taken us all day to get two up. and now I need to watch all of you guy's stuff... I have some catching up to do :)
  13. yeah.. and more will be up next weekend.. I am whacked tho.. A video a night for 4 nights in a row.. I am tired.

    also, you guys are EMC partners, so you get your little front page.. where as I do not.. and My total views do not equal the views of just one of your videos :p.. quality of quantity I guess xD
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  14. Do you check the size of your video before you upload it? Some screen recorders make their videos very large until compressed by a program. For example: A 5 minute video from fraps can be as large as 4 GB.
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  15. I enjoyed this! :)
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  16. If I find you guys, expect a "care package" *cough*cough* porkchops*cough*cough*
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  17. Its like Farmer Joe, but not. lol

    What server is this????
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  18. SMP 7 I think
  19. SMP 5 actually :) really far out in the wild. We explain that all in the first video.
  20. your only lucky cause you have me ^_^