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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mazz14, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys! I was just wondering if your live map is working. For some reason, when I try to use live map, a banner shows up at the top of my screen saying that I do not have the right version of something. Can you help me? It has worked for the last few days but yesterday it suddenly showed this banner...Please help!
  2. Make sure your Java is up to date, and I think the live-map requires Flash, so make sure that's updated too.
  3. That is not the problem. Maps are down at the moment. Lets check what Aikar says
  4. CTRL + F5 should fix it :)
  5. CTRL f5 did not work :(
  6. Right Now Im Using A Macbook Air to post this and live map works for it but my mom needs to use this and the mac doesnt run minecraft so yeah and f5 doesn't work so i think im gonna update flash adn java thanks everyone
  7. Shift F5 I believe it is, or just go clear browser cache (google it for your browser)

    It just means your browser is cacheing the old files. Livemap creator is going to fix this issue eventually.
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  8. OMG Its AIKar!!! Thank you!!!
  9. still doesnt work, probably cause im on a school comp.
  10. lol stealing wifi at school like a boss go read and learn now ur at school!
  11. lol NEVER! im in study hall and im super bored :/