Empire Live Map-How Does It Work?

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  1. I know that I'm not the person that gets lost in the mighty wilderness and can't find their way back, but I might be the only person the say something about it. We all are sick of getting lost in the wilderness with no return and we want to know how to use the live map or some sort of teleportation system so we can get back to our comfortable homes in the town. I for one know that I'm tired of losing precious resources, such as diamonds and gold, in the wilderness becasue we have to kill ourselves or we will starve to death because we just don't have anyway of getting back to civilization. All we want to know is if there is a way of using a live map or sequence of some sort of teleportation system to return home after a long day of mining. So, is there a possible solution?
  2. You open the livemap for the server you are on. Find your self and the wilderness on the map. And then go towards the safehouse/spawn
  3. Yeah, what he said. Go to smp[#].empire.us:8880 and click on the wilderness icon in the toolbar on the right. Then, in that same toolbar, click on your name. The camera will center on you, and if you zoom out and/or move the camera around, you should be able to find a spawn zone. And just remember that a compass will always work, though it'll normally take you to original wild spawn.
  4. There are red and yellow (ithink) lines around the safehouse. The lines are pretty big so its EASY to spot on the livemap. Once you see them you've found the safehouse
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  6. Read the guide. It's in there. We promise. (and so is pretty much everything else)
  7. I still see people running all the way back to spawn, and would like to tell them that all of the teleportation commands (/town /wild /nether /v playername /v lot# /shop) work anywhere in any of the protected spawn areas.

    Don't worry about the minor chastisement you get from a few surly players when you ask questions about things that are already covered in the guide. Most of us understand that there is a lot of information in the guide and you may not have been able to absorb it all when you first joined. There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions, and most of us are more than happy to answer them--even multiple times. We do encourage people to seek answers on their own, though. Both the guide and the search function on the forum are useful for that.

    If someone doesn't like that you ask a question on the forum, they have the option of not reading that thread. :)
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  8. I don't understand? It wasn't a "chastisement". I was trying to point him in a direction that he would get the most help.

    There is an old saying.... Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
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  9. I didn't say anything about you. :) And I do appreciate you point him in the right direction.

    There's another old saying (although it has nothing to do with this)... build a man a fire and he stays warm for a couple hours. Light him on fire and he stays warm for the rest of his life. (Of course that's considered PVP here and will get someone banned.)
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  10. I think it may have been directed more at me... I'll always point you in the right direction, but I reserve the right to be slightly sarcastic about it if it's in the guide :)
  11. It was just "in general." Both of you are good people who were just trying to help. If anyone here knows about being a bit snarky, sarcastic, or even borderline rude, it's me. I have to force myself to not post some of the things I type, and on very, very rare occasions one still slips through and Jeremy has to point it out to me.
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  12. To be fair it's hard to convey emotion in text alone. (without writing a novel that is)
  13. If you don't understand how to control the live map, use this.
  14. I find your answers are usually 100% spot on. And generally, pretty funny.

    On another note, without getting into advanced coordinates and minimap mods....as I'm sure not everyone is comfortable playing with their .jar file.....there are always the old school ways. Remember which general direction you traveled - the sun always rises on the same side. Leave a trail of bread crumbs (but please no 1 block towers :) .) In caves, put your torches on one side of the cave - when you come back to your entrance or base you make sure the torches are on the opposite side.
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  15. Exactly. My trick when running on the surface is to put 1 block of cobble in the ground at 10-15 block intervals. Then when I come back, I pick up the cobble to save time.
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