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  1. my idea is for EMC players who love to role play! i personally love role playing but i don't think i'm aloud to role play on servers randomly. so the idea just popped into my head. what if we could have a whole SERVER where we role play!? we will have plots to make our castles or other role play buildings (by role play i mean mid-evil role play) i talked to a moderator about this idea, and he said to make a thread about it. if i get enough comments on this post saying you want a role play server, then maybe the creator will come on and agree to make it. who knows =P but if you want a role play server, please comment on this page saying you want it. lets see if we can make the empire kingdoms!
  2. i think its a cool idea. wold there be mobs and other things that threaten our kingdom? and some peoples skins would take away the mid-evil aspect. would this be like the other emc servers with economy and all?
  3. Seems like a cool idea, but I myself don't role play a lot.
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  4. if you would like mobs to have scedualed raids that would be real cool! like there is a kingdom in wild that would have raids? ya that would be real cool! yes, i think the skins would take away the effect. but the look of a skin doesnt matter. its the roleplaying that counts! and i dont know what you mean by economy...
  5. well you dont have to join if you hate roleplay =P there could be aloud normal chat in PMs or local/res chat
  6. I said it's a good idea! I was complimenting on it! I didn't say I didn't like it.
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  7. Seems legit. Would we have an extra res for role play?
  8. But, rather similarly, I believe roleplay would be allowed on the regular servers if kept to local/res chat chat, which cuts out the need for a new server doesn't it?
  9. ok ok i hear ya! thanks for the agreement =P i was just making an opinion of my own xD
  10. ya you get a whole different res from the empire on this server.
  11. i think of it as in you can roleplay in town chat so everyone can hear you. yes, you can roleplay on local, res, or PM chats but this is for roleplayers who like to roleplay with others and you can find other roleplayers to... roleplay with. i mean you wouldnt just PM someone random sayin "hey wanna roleplay?" this is a good way to meet roleplayers and make friends too!
  12. I believe this to be a good idea, however there isn't really a way this could easily be incorporated into the server. We would need a whole set of new mods as well as world platforms. It could be done, but I don't think it would happen. Your best bet would be to join a group on another server that is actually role play. Good idea though.
  13. well thats a shame... guess this ends this post then eh?
  14. It can stay going by all means, but I'm just saying the way that the server is set up, it's most likely not going to happen.
  15. well i think i'll just make another post that will be a roleplay post since the empire kingdoms wont happen =P
  16. You could form a role play outpost in the wild, start small and see where it goes. I don't see any reason why you couldn't role play in the current infrastructure, I mean people do it with pen and paper.

    Pick an SMP server, declare it the official unofficial role play server and get a group going. If that leads to an extra server in the future then great.
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  17. i'll see what happens
  18. well still... people if you think its a good idea tell me in this post =P
  19. Ironic approval is yours!