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  1. About a month ago, a friend of mine recommended a server to me. I went to their site, read the rules, made a medieval skin, and joined. It started out with a nice little tutorial, and I spawned in the middle of a beautiful town.

    That's when the trouble started.
    Once I had spawned in the beautiful town, a player pushed me into a canal with no exit. I drowned.

    I spawned again. Making sure to keep away from canals, I wandered around trying to orientate myself. My hunger bar got depleted, so I asked in a chat where I could find a shop with cheap food (they use the same system as we do) I died five times of hunger before I caught an answer (not directed at me) to where the shops were located.

    Once I had set myself up with some food and basic tools, I went into the wilderness to start a small farm, even though I had next to nothing on me, a player spawn killed me three times.

    There was a neat feature of the server called Factions. Factions were supposed to be mini kingdoms. NO ONE WOULD LET ME JOIN ONE!!!!!! They all told me no. That was the last straw. I told them what I thought of the server and left.

    When I joined Empire, the first thing people did was welcome me. Empire's community is so friendly, they help you out and give you advice. People listen. People actually CARE! This is, by far, the best server i've ever played on. And the people are why it's the best. Not some silly Faction plugin.
  2. How does a player PUSH you...
    Also this is a way better server then those other ones. You will enjoy it here.
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  4. Welcome(sort of) to EMC! :D

    We are the best server out there!

    Just a quick note, I'd recommend that you don't name the server, although many people know what it is and EMC is better. :p
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  5. Then you must be new here.. before you were able to push players..
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  6. emc ftw glad to have ya
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  7. Not trying to be the party crasher, but i think this is illegal on EMC :confused: Sorry :p
  8. fixed but he wasnt particularly advertising there was no server adress so you are kinda right and wrong :p
  9. Ok, thanks :) I saw something similar where someone said just the server name, and it was changed...