empire height limit?

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  1. I am at work and am unable to check for myself. When standing on level ground (in town) what is the level you are on? How much higher can you go (max height 256?)? I am designing a building using MS paint, any help would be appreciated.
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  2. If you don't dig down at all, the height of the block you're standing on will be 64. Which means you can build up a total of 191 blocks before you hit sky limit.
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  3. The highest point is Y: 256.6200000047684 ( myself have a hotel which reaches to this so)
    and the normal ground level is Y: 65:62000000476837
  4. I'll check that out when I get home. Sounds like something I could use.
  5. I second a recommendation for Minecraft Structure Planner. It's really very useful. It's not updated with the 1.2.4 blocks, but otherwise it's fantastic for creating a mock up of your design that you can access from outside of minecraft, unlike making it in Creative mode.
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  6. ugh. Still at work 9 1/2 hours to go. Then I'll check it out. MS paint can be difficult to work with in 3d.
  7. Not true; if you're jumping, you can go higher.

    If you're planning a build, it is not really helpful to know on which heights the eyes of your avatar can be, but on which heights the blocks are. There are 256 positions for blocks, numbered from 0 to 255. The block at position 0 always is bedrock. Sea level (and Empire town ground) is 64.
  8. Not 100% accurate, there are a very limited number of lots on each server which are lacking bedrock at layer 0, and are in fact air.
    This is due to some evil experiments accidents which occurred on smp1/main in the early days, and was then copied over to all existing servers as they were created and populated. :)

    I usually repair these as they are found by players, I don't know the exact number range they are in though.
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  9. Lol can make a pit of death....not that i ever would
  10. The void is harmless in town, you just keep falling with no end and no death, until you get bored and TP out of there. :p
  11. No its not limitless.

    After a couple hours of falling u get ported to "the void" map. Its a land where the floors are made of diamond blocks and steve has evolved to space travel after beingasleep for billions of years
  12. Your fantasy is really good! Mine isn't really good as your's!