Empire Hall of Staff

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  1. Who's invited: Everyone
    Where: 4116 on SMP2
    When: Whenever

    So I had a thought. I wanted to create a monument for all of the moderators, super moderators, admins, and owner. I would build this, decorate it, and supply each of the staff members with a monument spot in which they could place his/her favorite block. I finally finished and I'm just working on getting each of the mods blocks placed! (which is why all mods are tagged in my next post) Feel free to come out and look around!
  2. I'll visit soon :)
  3. it was ok. i suggest making it more "colorful" ;)
  4. I liked it! Very nice, The sand castle is awesome. :)
  5. Will make it more colorful! Thanks for the suggestion!!
  6. no problem :)
  7. Staff, when you see this, please make sure you come on and place your block! (The only people quoted are those who have not placed his/her block yet)
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  8. I have kinda like.. a plot of all the mods on smp9 (19239) Come and visit if you want ;)