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  1. Firstly, no information about the new entity limits is available. I think this is important information.

    Second, in the 'Locking Items', Ender Chests are not mentioned.

    Finally, the 'Claiming A Residence' does not mention the actual claim command (/res claim or /claim #). I think it would also be helpful to have a 'Claim A Residence In 5 Seconds' snippet (/v open then /res claim).
  2. 1. Check the "Silence of the lambs" thread.
    2. Thats because (unless things have changed) you cant lock them yet.
    3. It tells you the command when you walk onto the res.
  3. The claim command is shown when /v open is used, or when you visit an open res. Having /res claim in the guide would cause confusion IMO, as it's not a valid command when used alone.

    You can't lock Ender Chests.

    I agree that the entity limits should be included though.

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  4. I will take note of this :) I suppose I could look into getting the Empire Guide up-to-date. If anyone sees any other important things missing or unclear in the Empire Guide. Feel free to post it here and the staff will take that into account
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  5. Entity limits, to me, is more of a "behind the scenes" feature. It simply allows us to more effectively manage resources. Right?
  6. Not really, we have a limit of 100 animals on our res. Not knowing that could cause someone to try and create a 911 as it used to be, only to find out that they can't because of the animal limits. I can imagine that person being very annoyed...

    IMO, stuff that directly impacts on players such as /entc should be included, but stuff like /lag that doesn't have an actual impact, and is just a debug tool shouldn't.
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  7. I don't know if it is a permanent feature or not; but there are some other minor details in the Empire Guide that aren't necessarily incorrect; but could use a good polishing.
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  8. /res claim should be mentioned, I agree.
    And the entity limits should be mentioned. What if a player doesn't know the limit, and makes a huge farm, and reaches his animal cap and isn't finished? He'd be seriously annoyed.

    Enderchests should be mentioned, it causes alot of confusion when people don't know if they can lock them or not :p
  9. Stuff to possibly add:
    • Permaban + successful appeal = Account reset
    • Full list of flags: flow, waterflow, lavaflow, place, destroy ect. (and if/when Residence gets updated, door, note, diode, furnace ect. - there's about 15 new ones)
    • /res info [number] - see info on a different res, doesn't work cross server, works in wild
    • /res set [number] [flag] [t/f/r] / /res pset [number] [name] [flag] [t/f/r] - Remotely change flags. Doesn't work cross server, works in wild.
    • That you can use "remove" in place of false
    • %player - show player name in res enter message
    Possibly change to: Any player who is permanently banned will have their residence qued for reclaiming, 7 days after the ban. Any player who successfully appeals will have their residence reclaimed upon an appeal being accepted.

    • Add the command /colors (it might be /color) to the Coloured Signs page
    • Explicitly say that supporters are not exempt from being banned/kicked - although maybe this would fit better on the Upgrades page.
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  10. I think that shouldnt be included. Not everyone should have to know that, only people who are banned should. I think IcC's post was put up to satisfy us regular's desire to see harsher punishments:)
  11. The reason that I'm thinking it should be included is that if people know they'll be reset if they get permabanned, then:
    a) I think they'll be less likely to do the crime in the first place - with such a harsh punishment
    b) While the punishment should be harsh, I feel that you should at least know what to expect.

    We all know about it because of the update post, but in 3 months time, I doubt someone will be reading it.
  12. I've sent off a list to justin recently to update the changes :)
  13. Ok, I know I had a small list of Grammatical errors that I made while Justin was away - I need to find that message and get it bumped.
  14. Ahhh:) I read it in a rebelious way, and that way it said "When banned, you can get a second chance if lucky." For the people who break rules on all servers, they may see this as an excuse to break more rules, seeing as they may be able to get a second chance. I guess there are multiple ways to read it:)
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