[Empire Games] Pvp Weekend

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  1. Finals are June 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm (noon).

    You may use only the items provided.


    Finalists meet at /v pvp@emcgames to get your equipment roughly 15 minutes before.

    DiamondGamerGurl (replacement)
    mrbigbux (replacement)
    captaincraft300 (replacement)

    If any player cannot make it, they need to find a replacement and message me on forums.
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  2. some kind mod should make this all colorful and pretty
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  3. I can't remember if I entered this or not.
  4. I've been forgetting which events I was in. I'd suggest posting the document that says who's in what for every EMC Games event.
  5. They don't really use that now :/ It's just turn up and play.
  6. I'm confused, do we bring any gear with us to the arena at all?
  7. The sign up sheets from long ago are not used because some people that entered wont how up and it turns into a mad rush to try to identify those that are on the sheet and arent. It is easier to allow those that show up to play and be done with it.

    Roughly 1 hour until info session starts.
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  8. When are the finals?
  9. Sunday at noon.
  10. EMC time?
  11. Krysyy I had to idea this was going on! Kinda a late announcement no?
  12. she announced it the day you were fighting in that arena she built....
  13. I meant time wise. I knew it was happening I just didn't know what time
  14. Am I right in thinking the finals are in 4 hours and 20 minutes? :)
  15. or whenever krysyy wakes up maybe
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  16. Whens the final, because today i wont be here at a time for me (UK) because at 5 i will be out at a football presentation. and will be there for a couple of hours, and i dont want to miss the final, so what will the time be?
  17. Looking at this, I am guessing it is noon at EMC time, which is four hours from now and would be 5 for us in BST time...
  18. If its in 4 hours, i wont be able to make it :(
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  19. I hope I can be on for the finals...