[Empire Games] Firespleef Saturday!

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    This Weekend's Event is FireSpleef!
    NOTE: Qualifiers and Finals are BOTH on SATURDAY!
    Krysyy will be holding a few practice rounds tonight at 7:30 pm EMC time (friday) to help get used to it.

    Congrats to the Winners!
    1st - theawzmone - smp6
    2nd - kevdudeman - smp2
    3rd - portalshoo2er - smp7

    How the game works:
    -You will be on a floor of leaves. You will have build flag so you can destroy the leaves (with your fists), but at the same time fire will be spreading, making the leaves disappear. Try to be one of the last players standing in order to win.

    Firespleef is located at /v firespleef on smp7.

    Any questions? Pm krysyyjane9191 =)
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  2. not first

    sounds good, hope to be there, the practice will be in 1 hour?
  3. I'll see if I can attend =)
  4. Liar!!! :p
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  5. #2CoolForFirst
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  6. I can't check EMC time as I cannot get in game, but I assume it is on in half an hour (practice)?

    Hopefully authentication is up by then.. :confused:
  7. If it isn't up by then, we will postpone until it is.
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  8. I won't be able to attend tomorrow, so I wish good luck to all competing!
  9. So, since practice got cut short earlier will we be able to have another practice round once the servers are fully functioning again?
  10. Can't wait :)
  11. Neva leaving my smp7 base without a good way to get back.
    Not participating :(