Empire Flea Market - Can we do it?

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  1. Edit: Check out the official thread for more details and the date! emc.gs/t/64631/

    Right now there are two methods of selling stuff on EMC: in game shops or on the forums. While these methods are efficient and effective, I felt that there is a portion of the community that wants something more personal when doing their shopping. Although in real life online shopping is becoming more popular, there is still something special about going into a retail location and speaking directly with sales people and with other customers.

    This is where this idea came from. I like the idea of hosting a Flea Market once a week so that players can come together as a community. I have begun to design the marketplace, and have done some thinking about how I want to do it, and whether it can actually be done effectively.

    Thats where you, the Empire community, comes in. Since you guys will be the ones using the Flea Market, I would like some input. When I say input though, please don't respond with a -1 or a +1 like this is a suggestion thread. I want your ideas and your thoughts on this. If you don't think it could work, explain why. If you think its a great idea, tell me how I can make it better. If I decide to create this flea market, I will create a new thread with more official details, but for now I just want the community's input.

    Thank you for your time, and enjoy your time on the Empire!
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  2. Benefits to a flea market approach:
    • more competitive pricing (lower prices) since sellers will compete for customers
    • in person shopping/selling
    • no limit on what can/can't be sold - you can sell used tools for example
    • bartering - you can trade items instead of rupees (with both customers and other sellers)
    Thats all I can think of right now off the top of my head :)
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  3. I liked this until I got to your last bullet. Now, I LOVE it. Lol

    Me, being a barterer as of now, would love this! I could potentially do away with many more items that peeps want to buy or barter for. ^_^

    We could rent out stalls for our own items of interest and all. Pay, say 2500r for a stall to help make it so that almost anyone needing to sell something can do it.

    Doooooo iiiit! :eek:
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  4. I like this idea. Cant really contribute to ideas but if you need anything shoot me a pm.
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  5. Now that I think of it, I can donate some Acacia Wood, if ya like. :D I have 5 stacks available.
  6. Sounds awesome jhall, if you need help then you know who to call :)
  7. Check out the official thread for more details and the date! emc.gs/t/64631/