Empire event ideas: Running Hunted Man Predator Dangerous Game

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  1. Hey all, this is moving from a different threat where it got a bit off topic, but we were discussing ideas for an Empire event similar to The Running Man, where one player would need to avoid death in a large, complex environment while several others hunted that player. Other ideas are totally welcome, as are suggestions to previous thoughts.
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  2. "Maybe like a nether Free-for-all? Give everyone 10 pieces of bread, a diamond pick, and a stone sword. PVP is on for everyone. The final person alive gets a whole lot of rewards (like custom gear to help make surviving the nether easier) and either red or orange name tag for the month, or until the next event of the sorts.

    It's so perfectly evil"

    Chamelon, I think the biggest issue here is there's no real way (that I know of) to regulate 'players' and 'non-players' at that point, making some poor newbie's mining trip to the scary nether a living hell of a griefing mob, murder-stabbing everything in sight. If there were a way to set one person (or a whole group) to pvp:true, then it MIGHT work.

    The other option is to set it in /park or a similar large, complex res. Lots of places to hide.
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  3. +1 like on the other thread, I think something like this would be a great idea :)
  4. An OT 'threat".

  5. This sounds fun. I love killing.