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What do you think?

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  1. To be clear, I want to start off saying I'm not suggesting that the players of EMC name their favorite US presidential candidate, so please don't reply to this with yours.

    I suggest there is a promo-like event where players vote on their favorite Moderator by selecting the mod's head in the promo selection inventory. Upon casting their vote, each player would recieve an "I voted today!" sticker (renamed sunflower with the enchanted effect) promo item. Each player can only vote once.

    The election would occur the full week of the US presidential election (to allow more players to get a vote in), and at the end of the week (on Saturday) there would be a party held in the honor of the winner, who would recieve an honorary rank of President until the New Year.

    Up until then, moderators would be allowed to run a once-a-day advert for the election promoting themselves in cross-server chat, with a link to a forum page describing the event in detail.

    I feel this would be a fun way to get the community to interact with each other, get to know the mods better, and have fun!

    As for the celebration party, perhaps there could be a drop party, and some games hosted by the winner and the EMC owners ([winner]'s mob arena, fire floor, etc). It could be delayed if the winner can't make it, or maybe runner up would host.

    Mods could obviously op out if they didn't want to participate.

    So, what do you think?
  2. There is already a thread that is filled with Election related content
    [Just as reference to talk about it]

    Not to be a debby downer but I wouldn't approve of this moderator election. Favoritism would play a role and that defeats a purpose of the election process. What would they do if they were elected? The majority of the members here suggest ideas and the community votes on that.
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  5. The idea of the election is purely fun and honorary. The winner would do anything. They would receive an honorary title for a month and host the celebration, but outside of that, it's just an extravagant way of the community deciding on their favorite moderator. Favoritism would make sense in this case. And it would be a small competition between the moderators to earn public affection, which would be kinda fun to watch.