Empire Custom Kits!

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  1. Empire Custom Kits!

    What are they?

    They are Enchanted items Bundled together to fit your every need!

    Different Kits I offer:

    Pvp Kit
    Helmet: Protection 4, Thorns 3, Aqua affinity 1, and Respiration 3.
    Chest: Protections 4, Thorns 3.
    Legs: Protection 4, Thorns 3.
    Boots: Protection 4, Thorns 3, Feather Falling 4, and Depth Strider 3.
    Sword: Sharpness 5, Fire Aspect 2, Knock Back 2.
    Bow: Power 5, Flame 2, Punch 2, Infinity 1, Unbreaking 3.
    Cost: 55k

    Hunter Kit
    Helmet: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Aqua Affinity 1, Respiration 3.
    Chest: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3.
    Legs: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3.
    Boots: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Feather Falling 4, Depth Strider 3.
    Sword: Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Fire Aspect 2, Knock back 2, Looting 3.
    Bow: Power 5, Flame 2, Punch 2, Infinity 1, Unbreaking 3.
    Cost: 45k

    Custom Kits
    ( I supply the enchanted book, the exp levels to add them together, and item it's added too. )

    You can Choose from any of these enchants:

    Protection 4 2000r
    Unbreaking 3 2000r
    Thorns 3 2500r
    Fire Protection 4 2000r
    Projectile Protection 4 2000r
    Aqua Affinity 1 1500r
    Respiration 3 1500r
    Depth Strider 3 1500r
    Feather falling 4 1500r
    Efficiency 5 2000r
    Silk Touch 1 1500r
    Lure 3 1500r
    Lucky of the sea 3 1500r
    Fortune 3 2000r
    Sharpness 5 2000r
    Smite 5 2000r
    Fire Aspect 2 1500r
    KnockBack 2 1500r
    Looting 3 1500r
    Power 5 2000r
    Punch 2 1500r
    Infinity 1 1500r
    Enchanted bow Power 3 Unbreaking 3 500r
    Enchanted Bow Power 2 Unbreaking 3 Flame 2 <--- Extremely Rare Drop 2500r

    Onto any of these items:
    Diamond Helmet
    Diamond Chest
    Diamond Legs
    Diamond Boots
    Diamond Sword
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Diamond Axe
    Diamond Shovel

    Note for custom kits you may not order more than 6 items.

    How to order:

    In Game Name:
    Type of Kit:
    If custom what enchants and on what items:
    Drop off Res:
    Total cost:

    I will check total cost so don't try to scam me.

    As of right now you may only order 1 kit at a time, this may change.

    Waiting list:
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  3. Bump!

    If you love Pvp and need some good armor the Pvp kit is for you, or if you want to hunt mini bosses or enraged mobs the hunter kit is for you!

    Don't forget if you need just a god Pickaxe or a god sword or any enchanted item you can order that through custom kits!
  4. Bump these are really great each kit comes with a surprise inside !
  5. Wow, these look great! Thanks for putting these together for us crafter!
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  6. Bump You can Preview the Kits On smp4 at /v 8909, /v +Kits, /v +ECK
  7. I'll buy a PVP kit later tonight
  8. Please order with format stated above
    Pvp takes long to make than the hunter kit so I don't think I'll have it done tonight
    Should be ready by tomorrow
  9. oh I thought you just had them ready in a chest somewhere
  10. Can i suggest a miners kit?
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  11. I'm making them as fast as possible it takes 238 levels for 1 pvp kit.
  12. Im working on that now I just don't know what the armor would be.
  13. maybe you should consider just selling the books so you don't have to get all the levels
  14. I'm going to make 2 of each kit an auction them off
  15. Prot IV Unbreaking III thats the best don't bother with thorns
  16. Bump!
    I'm going back on this and I will continue with this buisness.
    Wkramer if you still want the kit fill out the format above.
  17. Bump these are supper cheap it averages out
    To 6k a god item!
  18. Glad you're sticking with this, it's a great idea and great value