~~Empire Construction Inc.~~

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Wanting Something Built?

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  1. Empire Construction Inc Is A Building Business Created By Trucker454. We Specialize In Quality And Craftsmanship. Will Have Photos Of Builds Coming Soon. You Can Get Ahold Of Me On Smp2 @ 3046 Mostly. I Charge Material Cost And Little Labor. Hope To See You Coming To Me For Your Building Needs. If You Need Big Things Built Please Make Blueprints Or Explain Well. Thanks! Hope Too See You! You Can Comment What You Need Built Also!(Photos Are Even Better)
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  2. Im wanting a sky scraper I will send pictures asap
  3. I would likesomething like this
  4. r this, pm me if its ok
  5. I need a little diner built nothing big
  6. I am not currently online, but will be meeting with the both of you later. I will Pm you both right now.