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  1. I've taken 13 awesome people, and rendered a beautiful 360-degree scene of the EMC community having a great time. Check it out, and see how many EMC people you can spot!
    It works great on VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Gear VR, or HTC Vive. You can even view it in your browser! This project took me a long time to create, so I hope you all enjoy it :)

    Web Browser (2k per side)

    Equirectangular (6k)
    Cubemap (2k per side)

  2. That is awesome... I need to see more stuff like that
  3. Who knows? Maybe I'll make more ;)
  4. I would love to see more for sure :)
  5. Well, it's certainly coming! Now that I've got a workflow down for 360 images, I can develop them quicker :)
    The only question is when.
  6. Excellent :)
  7. Nice, I don't know how it works at all, but would it be possible to do a mob arena one?
  8. Like, with players and mobs? Or just mobs? I can do either - Any place on EMC, any players, any characters, any poses. The possibilities are unlimited. I can even do contract work on residences - If you want a 360 tour of your residence, for example... I can do that!
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  9. Wow... that could be cool, so a mob arena would be awesome. If you can use any characters than it would also be cool to put in all the mod/sr. staff/admins in the throne room in /shop
  10. Well, I can certainly look into it :) I'll let you know when I make a new 360 image!
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  11. pew pew
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  12. You should make a business where people pay you rupees to do these. They are amazing! Btw I love your skin!
  13. Pvp in town? And in front of staff?? Perma ban! :p

    But seriously, I'd pay to have one of these.
  14. I wasn't in there... :(
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  15. Love to see more designs from you!
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  16. Well, I can certainly do that! Let me know what you'd want modeled and I'll quote you a price :)
    Having players, items, etc in the model will make the price higher, obviously.

    Also, just a note: They're not just PVPing in front of staff... They are the staff!

    I made another! Go to
    and take a virtual tour of my outpost!

    Sorry, I couldn't fit all your beacons into Town Spawn.
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  17. How do you make all these? I may be interested in one of these for an outpost of mine.
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