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  1. I've been playing minecraft for about 2 months now and i found emc. The residence is huge and the people are friendly! i hope emc includes other cool features later!
  2. its smp1
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  3. Don't you worry, JustinGuy has some AMAZING updates in the work :)
  4. like what...
  5. :eek:
  6. EMP! My electronics just got fried.
  7. How? Did you throw them in your bathtub? :p
  8. Nobody knows. But Justin's said there going to be awesome and everybody knows he doesn't lie :)
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  9. ooh. :)
  10. Emp: Electromagnetic pulse. Shorts out electronice signals, devices etc. So you plane will just stop if hit by an EMP.
  11. Is it powerful enough to say, Um (A random example) take out a computer a classroom width away?
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  12. Yeah it should.
  13. Were would one acquire this device? Not that I want to take out computers or anything, Just wondering....
  14. I bet the russians or chinese would love to sell you one;)
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  15. Actually they have built small scale (car sized) emp bombs that just make an emp:)
    Edit: And by bomb, i mean the pulse that shoots out, not the machine that makes it:)
  16. What about the cake eh lol
    But naw I heard the new update going to awesome :)
  17. I bet you we EMD'd this:

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  18. Nope, they ran out of corn fuel
  19. /facetomato
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