Emeralds Disappeared

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Rocket_Stone, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. So. Today I Decided to place 16 blocks of emerald + 3 Emerald Jewels inside my chest before Server Reboot today on SMP2. Server gets back on and the Items are still in the chest. I decide to make a Statue of me on my res and log out. I log back on now and I find my emeralds missing. Nobody has Perms on my res so Right now I am wondering, is it legal for Mods to go around places and take stuff from res? cause I have no other Logical Explanation for this. unless the perms file in EMC got corrupted at some point today. Still my emeralds are missing and I'd like an explanation.
  2. It is a bug, I lost my best enchanted sword to it.
  3. ITs a glitch, it happened to me, and ur prob. never getting your emeralds back. sorry.
  4. So just random old items are Disappearing now?
  5. Oh, yes... i lost 15k worth of enchants, 2 stacks of diamonds, pistons, and more
  6. Well I guess That is EMC for us.
  7. Yes yes, In Empire Minecraft, the server trolls you!
  8. No it's not, just some plugin faults with 1.3.2. Justin is settling in at the virgin islands and is trying to squash as many bugs as he can, unfortunately since he has only just moved in and is still settling it just isn't possible to get the plugins back to normal. Trust me, i'm older than Maxarias in EMC days :p I just need two pairs of shoes instead of millions.
  9. I lost a stack of diamond ore
  10. Don't put anything valuable in chests in your residence, don't break any pistons in your residence, don't build in your residence until all bugs are fixed.

    I suggest going to live at a wilderness outpost like the Last Light Outpost or Paradise Point until these bugs are done for. Just sign up on their respective thread.
  11. ouch, i lost a stone pressure plate :p