Emerald Supply Co.

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  1. A new business is up and running... Emerald Supply Co. is a supplying company that members can buy from 32 - 5 dcs of emeralds at a time. To supply a order inform cody2445 and the amount of emeralds u want. Also if wanted supply a reasonable deadline so dont expect a dc of emeralds within 24 hours. Happy Shopping :)
  2. Umm, no offense, but I believe xHaro_Der is using that name :confused:
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  3. no heis using haro supply co
  4. He's using Haro's Emerald Supply. I just looked ;3
    Well, I'm off *flies into the sunset*
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  5. He's fine, I added my name into the title :3

    Goodluck with this. Also wrong section.