Emerald Pricings

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  1. Why are emeralds around 30r and gold at 15r?
    gold is rarer, emeralds are really easy to get.
    gold stock will slowly decreas while emerald stock is increasing
    could anyone answer why emeralds cost more?
  2. -_- i dont even know what to say now
  3. Well, Emeralds can be only found in one
  4. But can be farmed pretty easy through trading if you know what to do
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  5. Because aikar
  6. They pretty much went sky high in value after trading was nerfed - that was where most of them came from. There's also the fact that they're only found in huge mountain biomes. :)
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  7. Yeah you can stack up gold pretty easily if you take the time to go mining and find some decent caves
  8. Lets see some comparisons (based on estimates):

    (you can skip my estimations and only look at the results, if you dont mind the math. If you want to figure how good my estimates are you will have to check the math)

    Easiest estimated way to receive emerald -> trading ~30 Paper for 1 Emerald (1 Villager has ~7 emeralds)
    (Prerequsition a sugar farm big enough to keep you farming/ selling without break)

    Proof sugar farms can create enough sugar on 1 res to keep you going farming emeralds without break:
    You need to collect enough sugar, so selling paper takes just as long as regrowing the sugar. So lets say about an inventory full of sugar. This would be 54 Stacks -> 3456 Sugar. You gain 2 sugar from farming 1 full grown sugar plant.
    so 1728 farm blocks. In rows of 60 makes 29 lines you can get a about 2 lines of plants together with 2 lines of pistons + 1 line of Redstone + 1 Line of walking to collect sugar. 5x 29 lines = 145 blocks x 60 blocks or 2,5 Sugar farms at 58x50.

    Now how much time will we need to get 1 block of emeralds:

    On average you need 30 paper for 1 emerald. We have collected 1 inventory so 3456 Paper -> We receive ~13 Blocks

    Lets say it took us 5 mins collecting the sugar + making the paper.
    The trading will take longer. Using and egg/ checking the deal/ reegg takes about 3 seconds. The spawning is uniform distributed. So each villager has a 20% chance to spawn. We need a librarian so 20%. Also it must have the paper deal (we will accept any so it will be on avg 30 paper). The Librarian has 8 deals also uniform distributed. So our total chance to get the deal is 0,2*0,125= 0,025. So we need about 40 trys à 3 seconds -> 2 minutes to get a deal. We need ~ 16 deals to get rid off our paper. => 32 minutes trading. (Sugar should be fully grown in that time)

    So we need ~ 32 + 5 = 37 (Lets say 40 minutes) for 13 Blocks of emerald. That makes about 1 Block of Emerald all 3 minutes.

    This is tricky. For those of us who have a gold farm. The highest ratio I found on gold farms (on youtube) are 2500 nuggets/h. The videos setup wont work on EMC, but a similar nehter only gold farm would do the same spawning. So its fine.

    2500 nuggets = 278 ingots = 31 Blocks per hour. So we get about 1 Block of Gold per 2 Minutes.

    This only applies to those with high effiency gold farms -> this means not a single monster spawns next to the trap and there are as much as possible spawn fields. Also transporting the gold from the farm home is not included.

    Due to those limitations, I'd say we can say even with a goldfarm we will still need the same time as emerald. 1 Block of Gold per 3 Minutes. Obvious advantage we can afk in the gold farm. Alt account owner, get gold pretty much for free in farms.

    For those without a fancy gold farm, there is only 1 way, mining.

    Considering we dont sell other ores to buy gold ingots. The chance for a block to be a gold block between levels 2-29 is 0.1437%. Lets say we do 2x1 tunneling without side arms. So we receive 4 uncovered Blocks per each block mined.
    So we have the chance to find gold at about 0.1437%*4 = 0,6 %. Using a Diamond Pick with eff 4 (as 5 is kinda costy). So you need about 0.15 secs to mine 1 stone. Beeing careful with lava that makes 0.2 secs. Adding lava, caves, droping full inventory, I suggest rounding up to 0.4 secs for 1 stone. So we mine 150 Stones a minute -> 90% chance to find 1 gold ore. 10 Minutes 9 ores + smelting + running back and forth in the mine + running back and forth from town to wild = maybe 1 Block all 15 minutes.

    Selling other ores we find on the way, we might double our productivity to 1 block all 7 minutes. If you are playing with lagg or tend to die sometimes on your way, without getting ur stuff back, you are probably back at 1 Block of Gold all 15 minutes. This means 2 blocks of gold in a 30 min mining trip. I guess we can kind of relate to that.

    Time is not all though we need to check. Also we need to check its use. Gold can be used for brewing (limited), golden apples and at its best for building. Though not many people tend to use it. So the use of gold is small.

    Emeralds can be used for further trading with villagers. The best trade would be either enchanted books or maybe exp bottles. It takes 41 emeralds for 1 book. after current prizes 1 book would cost 1200 r on average. Also books are really rare. So that wont really pay off like that. Bottle o' Enchanting gives you 8.5 exp/ bottle. You get 4 bottles at the best deal. (What is time consuming again). 4 * 8.5 = 34 exp/ emerald. Level 1-30 = 825 exp => 25 Emeralds = Level 30. Level 30 = 750 r. Considering it takes time to get the bottles, its easier to use an exp farm. (Not really worth it)

    Emeralds can also be used for building. But except for that there is no further use. So the use for emeralds is small as well.

    So after consedering all the facts, gold is compared to emerald harder to get, at the same use.

    Still its considerably cheaper. Why is that?

    As many items, which exisist for a longer time, it has one flaw. Shops tend to react to inflation or change of value to late or not at all. Also some player tend to sell their items way below value, because they need money really fast. The result of that is that those people earn way less than they should. (Other topic so I dont go further into detail).

    Now those who see those junk prizes take those as new "standard" and dont buy unless they get the same prize. More professional shops (which are also in stock most of the time), have adjusted their prizes, to the request. Almost every shop with gold in store has higher prizes than 15r.

    We cant expect every of our members to be a economists ^^ So thats why not all prizes are logic all of the time and there will be some that take advantage of this fact, thats just the way it works.

    Greetz Hasorko
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  9. that is brilliant.
    if people just hold onto their gold and don't sell it immediately then gold prices will go above emeralds probably.
  10. Quite simply.. Gold farms and abundance
  11. Those kind of calcualtions reveal interesting facts about many material. IF you are careful what you do with your time, you can profit lots more. You want to do a big diamond block wall? And you think the most effiecient way to do that is to mine for diamonds? Not by far. You prolly do a way better deal farming wood/ wool or glass... Easiest farming probably best deals ;)

    recently I had an enchanted book trade for punch II for 30 emeralds. And for some reason someone desperatly wanted to buy a punch II book. So I told him I can sell him one. It took me 20 minutes to explain to him that selling him the book under the prize I would get for 30 emerald would be 100% loose for me. But he was like hey 400 r is REALLY good prize for that book XD.

    Well I got my 1500r for it in the end (made a good profit of it). But thats how the demand works :p Maybe some people even make people pay 3k for it, anything can happen.
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