Emerald Demand for 1.8? (Future)

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Would emeralds be a good business to go into for 1.8?

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  1. I was thinking about item prices in 1.8 when I thought about the villagers and if anyone would check them out. I then thought that many people would be buying emeralds because of this and that the price might go up. Would this be a good business to go into. Would anyone agree with me? I know Aikar said 1.8 could be months away, but I'm just trying to be prepared.
  2. Well, if you already have a villager that has a paper trade then when 1.8 comes it gets even easier to trade him for emeralds because he will have 2 paper trades. What is going to be less common are bottles o enchanting because the new trade for them is 1 bottle of 3-11 emeralds. Even if you have a villager that already has bottles, due to new villager mechanics you will still have to have some kind of byproduct from the trade.
  3. I heard that 1.8 breaks infinite villagers, so there should be none of that. Which means that emerald prices should increase in general, and any items that become more expensive (using emeralds) should increase in price too (obviously, items that are cheaper to get without emeralds are not included). Over long periods of time, we will see prices increase. It will take a while though, because the market is already extremely saturated. You would just have to wait it out, probably for several months after we get to 1.8.
  4. I don't really agree to that statement, as for 1.8 villagers paper trade is the first trade. That makes it next trade for the paper villager made on previous MC versions (if it's the infinite one with paper being as the last trade) and will run out its trades same way as it does for any other trades. For 1.8 librarian the infinite trade becomes the last trade, that is always name tag.

  5. Ladblo, villager mechanics change in 1.8 so doing a trade that has already been done has a 20% chance to unlock all locked trades. So if you have 2 paper trades wether it I the last trade or not, you can switch between the 2 and trade fo dayz.
  6. From your link paragraph 4 under functionality:
    An offer is guaranteed to reactivate available options (and unlock a tier, if some have not yet been unlocked) the first time it is traded. On subsequent trades, it will only have a 20% chance of doing so.
  7. Have you actually went on 1.8 with pre made librarian on previous versions and tested it out yourself? :)
    I'm not arguing, I would be very happy to actually make sure 2 paper trades are working like you describe them, but according to the tests I did, they were not.

    Edit: Okay, it seems that you are correct mman! :) I went to try it once again and indeed, when one paper trade went out, I traded another and it replenished the first one (even all the trades for villager are unlocked). Not sure for how long it would be possible though or it's pretty much infinite unless something unexpected breaks it?
  8. Any existing villagers will not change in 1.8, so if you have an infinite villager right now you should keep it, trust me you will need it for when it won't be possible anymore. In terms of Emeralds, I would say that their price would probably increase by about 50% of what they are now. Any items that can be obtained with emeralds should probably be increased by maybe about 25% as well, regarding that any of these that are currently infinitely obtainable won't be once 1.8 comes.

    But since 1.8 isn't coming out for a few years still, there's no immediate rush. :p
  9. Even if you break it, you can just do any other trade about 5 times to re-unlock it, such as written books, a low cost enchanted book trade, normal books, or even the name tag trade if you really were out of options
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  10. Basically to break it, you have to try really hard.
  11. I would expect things like glowstone to go up by more than 25% seeing as you now have to have a byproduct that essentially doubles the emerald cost to make a dc. And I would expect the bottle o enchanting cost to skyrocket because even in the best way to do it (placing villagers before the update) it will still have a somewhat expensive byproduct
  12. Another Idea: Even if you don't place the villagers before 1.7, you could still trade the farmer villager potatoes and carrots, you could even set up one of the new villager potato/carrot farms due to the new villager farming mechanic.
  13. It would only be funny if it wasn't so close to being true.:(
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