Emerald Crafts Supply Co. (Replacing the Emerald Supply Co.)

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  1. A new business is replacing Emerald Supply Co. . Same thing we take orders for emeralds going from 32 emeralds to 5 double chests of emeralds. When u supply a order u may supply a reasonable deadline u want the order to be in. This is what u have to post for a order.

    (in game name)
    (amount of emeralds)
    (Deadline of emeralds due)
    (what res the emeralds should be delivered to)

    Plz set out chests for me to put the emeralds in also.

    Our prices also include:
    stack: 1.5k
    Single Chest: 25k
    Double Chest: 55k

    Thnx and happy shopping :D
  2. How soon can get me a DC of emeralds?
  3. Umm..... im sorry if people think this is rude to bump. but can i get a DC by chance?
  4. It has been a month without any orders, I doubt this is still going .-.
  5. just doublechecking.....
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