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  1. i will join
  2. Oooh Batman puts in his application.
  3. I wanna be in it
  4. 5 Hours to go...

    Thats 7:00PM for me XD
  5. Also Could anyone give me temp access to an Alt?
  6. Why?
  7. I wanna have 3 cams. 1 still cam watching jeb team and another watching Notch team and me just walking around the whole area.
  8. i don't have one
  9. okay...
  10. Come on people! 2.5 hours till it starts i need people.
  11. Damn if i wasnt in a team i would record
  12. Im Looking for a Planning partner to plan the event. *Like goals and finding an area*
  13. I Can do that :p
    And I can do a cam? Like nfell2009 Cam?
  14. So am I on a team?
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  15. Well its a livestream.
  16. Generally you get this stuff done before streaming that is why this won't work. Jeanz not saying this in a negative way, but as a 12 year old people don't think ahead. If you want to be the exception you have to step your game up. Contact a mod advertise on the servers as not everyone utilizes the forums and actually prepare and set things up more than a few hours in advanced.
  17. Sooo...
  18. It would take a lot of work for two people to both livestream in the same stream, actually idk if its even possible.
  19. I can be your planing partner
  20. K go to smp1 and find me on the live map