EMC's Quiz Arena - Utopia 5151

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  1. Hi All!

    So I have started a project to build a Quiz Arena on Utopia res 5151, I wanted to build this to have a game for all members to enjoy.
    I have so far built the entrance, 'Bat Tank' and the ticket halls. But I still need to do the main redstone works which is the hardest part of the whole project.
    It would be kind to have a few donations of a few materials and rupees to keep the project going, and if you do donate, your name will be put up on 'The Wall Of Awesomeness' for all to see. I will be putting up a donation stall at 5151 for Stone, Stone Brick, Glowstone, Glass, Redstone and Rupees.

    Stay Awesome!
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  2. At the moment, you're selling glowstone etc. for free, but you want to get them, right? than you have to write in the 3rd line : S FREE, so there stands:
    : S FREE
  3. oh sorry i will fix that thanx :)