EMC's Pretty Scary Contest 2013!

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  1. With Less than 4 Weeks till Halloween; I am holding a Halloween themed Contest! To enter this contest, you must submit ONE screenshot of a Halloween themed creation - Built right here on EMC.
    *Credit to quite_indeed for supplying this graphic, and to Chickeneer for this idea.*

    Who Can Participate?Everyone can join in on this contest! *Staff may even Enter*

    Where can I build my Creation?Anywhere on the Empire. Including Town, the Wilderness, Nether, End.

    This should go without saying, but be sure to follow all of the Rules of EMC while building these. All builds must be Legit.
    Edit:No Image Editing Software may be used.

    So I built my Entry for the Contest, now what?Once you are ready to enter the contest, you can enter only 1 Screenshot into the contest (no exceptions). Be sure to use a texture pack that fits the theme Best. Take the Screenshot and upload it to an Image Sharing website. I personally recommend imgur.com; but others will work as well.

    Once you have taken and uploaded a Screenshot, you then send it to me (jacob5089) in a PM.
    Only one entry per person is allowed, so make sure you choose wisely.

    · Only one entry per person.
    · A creation can only be entered once into the Contest. A group of people may come together and enter as ONLY ONE ENTRY if they wish.
    All Entries are DUE by Sunday October 21st, 2013 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).This will give me some time to prepare for Voting.

    Voting will start as soon as I can get it put together after new entries are closed. If all goes according to plan - Voting will end Sunday October 28th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). *Note: this is subject to change - if I run into issues keeping on schedule*

    The section I am sure everyone is eagerly awaiting to find out more about. Based upon the Community voting mentioned above. The community shall choose the Top 3 Winners of the Contest - who will all receive equal Prizes. The three winners will receive an equal split of Rupees and a selection of BRAND NEW 1.7 items provided by myself when 1.7 is released.

    In addition, from the Top 3 contestants - The Grand Prize winner will be determined by another vote of the top 3 entries (If staff are willing to choose, the grand prize winner will be chosen by staff) . The Prize though is Top-Secret, but I assure you that it will be worth it.

    Currently the Rupees Prize Pot split among 3 People is just 13,000 Rupees (from myself). If you would like to donate to this Prize - Send me a Message here on the site. I will even put your name
    down as a contributor with the donation amount. If you prefer - you may donate anonymously.
    I will update the Donator list as I physically receive the donation :)

    I believe I have covered everything regarding this contest. Feel I have missed something? Having issues with anything concerning the contest? You can either reply below or Send me a Private Message here on the site.

    The more entries in this contest, the more fun it will be :D
    Credit to Chickeneer for this contest idea.
    Donation List

    Penfoldex- 3k
  2. I remember this being a fun contest last year, I'll try to come up with something to enter :)
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  3. Front page. I can call it :p

    So entering this
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  4. Hmm.. Are we allowed to make something on SP and use Schematica to build it on EMC? And are there size limits?
  5. As long as you can fit it into a screenshot, its good :)
    And as long as it is on EMC, you can enter it.
  6. Sweet, so does it need it's own res or something? I have a semi-empty res I could use but I'd have to get rid of some things.
  7. It can be anywhere in the empire :)
    This means town, wild, nether, whatever you think is best :)
    Thanks to penfoldex for donating 3k!
  8. Bump! No entries have been received yet!
    This is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing!
  9. **I'm working on it

    Even if nobody else's enters, if you enter a dirt house you'd win because you'd be the only one haha
  10. ...
  11. Can we get designs/ideas from Planet Minecraft? If we change them?
  12. As long as it is not obviously copied, I WILL be doing checks on PMC and other sites.
  13. I don't know if I'll enter... but a good idea is to make a creepy house made of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns! :D
  14. Change the rules to allow creative or DIE...
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