EMC's Next Best Shop

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  1. I am looking for ideas for a shop I am going to build, e.g. what block it is going to be made of, features when entering, etc. I'd like for the community to post creative ideas (not too expensive). I am going to have a store that sells just about everything, at cheap prices. I don't even have a name for it yet. My lot number is 1238 (SMP 1). I appreciate all your creative ideas, even if it's something small, every little bit helps!*

    *Please do not troll this topic, replying that I should add random things such as a castle, pixel art, etc.

    I am currently working on:
    -Replacing top layer of grass with glass
    -Removing the rest of the dirt 5 layers below the original top grass layer

    Considering to add:

    Adding in the future:

    ~This thread will be updated consistently to include creative ideas I choose to consider or am going to add.
  2. Looking for some suggestions!
  3. I'm out of ideas, sorry - something fancy is always nice though. But just a heads up: Don't make your prices too cheap - you'll be out of stock before you can say EMC. And don't say your prices are cheap if they aren't, it could earn you a bad reputation. Other than that, good luck :)