EMC's Newest Dynamic Duo

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  1. Set On a Residence on SMP5 is a secret Fish pond. This Fish pond holds hideout to A dynamic duo.
    Introducing: The Fish Crusader and his trusty Sidekick, Krustacean Kid.
    After this Unlikely Duo were splashed by a radioactive fish, they gained many powers which will not be revealed because it would reveal the secret identities. After the radioactive fish was eaten by a Tourist with an obsession with Tron, that tourist gained many powers such as the ability to fly and create ridiculously named animals, along with his pet Kitten. This tourist, now known as "GameKribJim" creates animals left and right trying to stop the Fish Fighters, but to no avail.

    The Fishtastic Two have a variety of weapons at their disposal.
    • Fish Slapper 2000: Melee fish slap thing
    • Puff Smoke Bomb
    • Salmon Fish-a-rang
    • Clownfish Laughing Gas (powered by bad puns!)
    • Fishing Rods of Justice, also usable as a grapling hook
    A lucky photographer managed to capture a picture of these elusive Fish-Heroes, but managed to keep their identities secret


    Together, the Fish Fighters work to make smp5 a better place by Fighting ALL the Crimes :D
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