EMC's March Madness

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  1. So I was thinking since march madness is going on(ending). We have an event go on during it.

    So what I'm thinking is that you get teams randomly chosen. The teams come up with names and then the empire staff picks seeds for each team. The event would be pvp and the team that beats the other team first wins. You could have multiple members incase someone can't make it. The the winner advances till there is a final. There could be a like a best out of 3 winner for each game.

    This will only happen on march madness or it could be a monthly thing based on staff.

    If you have an suggestions for the event just post it down below.
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  2. I think this is awesome as it sounds :)
  3. Id Play If It was Like Iron armor Not Enchanted Diamond Like normail EMC PVP
  4. You could do it based on seed ranges. Like 1-5 seeds get diamond, 6-10 get iron, and 11-16 get chain.
  5. As Long as It ISNT Enchanted :p
  6. of course
  7. or maybe if this is tournament style, you could gain and enchantment if you win, like 1 protection level every time you win or a thorns level
  8. What If You went Last? The other team Might have Protection 2? That Would Be a Very Unfair fight
  9. no, i mean gain a level each round. So if you win your game in the first round, you would gain a level. Then you would move on to the next round, where it would repeat. Playing first or last wouldn't matter.