EMC's Kentucky Derby!!

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  1. I am creating the Kentucky Derby on my residence. The event will be hosted Tuesday Night at 6pm Est! I will begin the task of building the stadium and track. Any donations toward me building it would be great. I need pine planks, colored wool (any color), blocks of iron, gold, diamond

    Let's review:
    Where: Smp4 8016
    When: Tuesday 6pm est

    Slots for competitors:
    1. Joshmcf
    7. Michael_Nolan
    11. DewTheMo
    13. TheTruffleHunter
    14. TealiaStar
    15. SuperVal

    Prizes: (need donations for prizes, I won't profit from this at all)
    1. Effiency 3 diamond pick and 1000r and 2 (for you and a friend) year long lax club passes
    2. 1 year long pass to lax club + 500r
    3. 1 year long pass to lax club

    Lax Club
    Michael_Nolan: 3k
    SuperVal: effiency 3 unbreaking 4 diamond pick
  2. Who or what is in the race?
  3. slot 13!

    does anyone see that AMAZING number is ALL mine! mwahahahah
  4. A race with saddle and pigs. I will explain In greater detail when I get home an off my phone.
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  5. i would like slot 7 and will donate 3k
  6. I would like the last slot please and donating eff 3 unbreaking 4 diamond pick!
  7. Ok thanks guys. Except don't give me the prizes. You hold them until race day.
  8. Ok you are all added, do you guys think it would be fair if I were to enter in this too? I would have no advantage and the tracks will be chosen by the people so there would be no trickery or advantages
  9. I would like slot 11 please :)
  10. Michael you got here before me.
  11. Slot 14 porfavor.
  12. any more enterees? Trust me, this will be fun.
  13. i think it will be fine if ur in it
  14. 9 slots left!
  15. we need more people to join!
  16. Because there is not much public interest, This event is canceled :(