EMC's Build Competition! May the best Architect Win.

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  1. So I started something like this a while back and it didn't turn out so well. In fact it was a downright disaster. I was unorganized, unprepared, and impatient. This is why I've decided to start something similar to that and turned it into this: EMC's Build Competition!

    You builders best get your axe repaired and your pick spit shined because this competition will hopefully be fierce. First for a little incentive I would like to announce the rewards for the top 5 competitors.

    First Place 1) A Holiday Pick, A Signed Book Declaring you were first, and 25,000 Rupees
    Second Place 2) A Signed Book Declaring you were second and 25,000 Rupees
    Third Place 3) A Signed Book Declaring you were third and 15,000 Rupees
    Fourth Place 4) A Signed Book Declaring you were fourth and 10,000 Rupees
    Fifth Place 5) A Signed Book Declaring you were fifth and 5,000 Rupees

    Any donations are acceptable and appreciated.

    Now that your picks are raised and your shovels strapped let's hear the rules.

    Rules and Guidelines

    1. You must not use anyone else's work.

    2. You must not use premade work.

    3. You must make this in a SP (Singleplayer) World or EMC in either creative or survival.
    (It doesn't matter and neither will affect your overall performance)

    4. You may not use any blocks past 1.8.

    5. You are allowed to build with other players, in fact we encourage it. (List the people who have worked on your build)

    6. I will be judging using the default Minecraft Resource Pack.

    (To sign up, simply state it below)
    1. Seanawesome44
    2. Ultimate_GG
    3. JaydenIrwin
    4. Chizmaro
    5. Faithercaster
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  2. I'm signing up :) Thx for doing this! Will you be using the winner's entry on EMC? And when does it end? And does it have to be functional? That's all and thanks again!
  3. I haven't determined a date yet, because my schedule is a little wonky.

    The winner's entry will more than likely be displayed on 18009 SMP9 for either a Month or until the next competition.
    Since the current assigned build is a shop and you have to make it in Vanilla I don't see how it will be functional please read over the original post again.
  4. Command blocks are vanilla.
  5. Ah touche.
  6. But, then again. Not many are as talented at command blocks as others.
  7. Cool! I'll sign up for this! I'm not the best at building but I'll try my best!
  8. Oh come
    on. Why did you have to give me competition? XD
  9. *Time for Sign Ups end on October First!
  10. Because having competition is more fun! :p
  11. So we can't use any 1.9 blocks?! :( :p
  12. Nope :p Simply because the winning product in the end will be built on a res here on EMC. :D
  13. ik, the joke was that there is nothing past 1.8 :p
  14. Well I play on snapshots so I'm unsure of when the next block update comes out xD. I said 1.8 just to be safe.
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  15. When we're finished can we just pm you it?
  16. Yeah, just PM me the world download :)
  17. Alright then. :D
  18. *Chuckles embarrassingly* Kinda forgot about this... I really need to contact Alex about making me a signature :p