EMC's Biggest Mall - Donation Trading

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  1. *Biggest to my knowledge, though I have gone out and counted Leo's 3456*

    This mall has been in construction for several days now, I have to complete it by the 11th of April (tomorrow) and am requesting financial support - to pay workers + materials.

    In return, I will exchange an ad board, and a sizeable condo/penthouse/apartment. The size and height depends on how much you donate/trade.

    I am doing this trade because I recently declined a 1000r donation, to the fact that I don't like asking for money from people with less than me. I thought it wouldn't be frowned upon (that much) if I gave something in return. Here is the list of trades available:

    5K - x2 - 1x Squizzel_Boy and HayleyColgan- Highest and biggest condo available + nice sexy, colourful ad sign x4 to wherever you would like.
    3k - x2 - Bobalek and TheTruffleHunter - Second highest, second biggest + ad board to desired location " ."
    2k - x2 - Margaritte and Mugatu1994- Third, reasonably sizeable, all basic needs + ad sign to your desired location.
    1k - x2 - _______ and ______ - Nice cosy little stop off, a few chests, some basics + ad board to your first res.

    I would accepts suggestions for more trading deals. Sreenshots so far:
    *Condos being built today*


  2. I dropped some wool off in your chests today :) I'm willing to donate, on one condition, when you are finished you stay stocked up :p and make sure you tell me straight away so I can come start buying/selling to and from you.
  3. Thanks :D I'll sure do my best ;) How much you donating? :)
  4. I'll donate 5k :)
  5. That's 4 people with 5k, ahaha, other 2 will have to be 3k :)
  6. I'll jump on in a minute to pay you :)
  7. Me, 3K :D

    Edit: unless you want to make more big ones, then 5K ...
  8. Thanks guys :3
    All that's left is

    1 2k and
    2 1k :)
  9. I would totally donate to this, sadly i believe i can't, maybe at a next time i'll do :p
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  10. i did 3k
  11. Cause you can!