EMC's 200th Day Anniversary

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  1. In case all of you didnt know todays EmpireMinecrafts 200th day Anniversary.
    This should be something to celebrate, something to know.
    When EMC finally reached 10,000 members it was exciting and it was celebrated
    This is also exciting and should be celebrated! :)
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  2. In 165 more days, it'll be a year!
  3. 3 cheers for the Empire! :D
  4. This should be on the front page! :)
  5. Hip Hip Hooray!
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  6. I hope there will be a huge celebration for a year :)
  7. Congrats EmpireMinecraft! :)
  8. congrats empireminecraft like long and never get a virous
  9. I think he got the information from doing /p JustinGuy. That is how many days ago the plugin was created :p The server was made before that plugin was made so I think the 200 days was like a couple days ago xD I don't know though that is what I think.
  10. I've been with the empire for just over 2/3 of its total time. 141 days. :)
  11. Yup thats where i did get the plugin but that probably when the server came out. Along with other people Like Dark_Liz and IceCreamCow... and so on :)
  12. *Thats where i did get the information
  13. Happy birthday dear Empire Minecraft! (That's a mouthful!) Happy birthday to you!
  14. Lol this is just the 200th day. The full year hasnt came yet!:b
  15. Well its 200 days tomorrow will be the 201th day of EMC