EMC's 1.4 Scavenger Hunt!!

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    So I've seen many contests like Shaun's pumpkin contest and chickeneer's little res thing. I decided I wanted to make a contest myself! It's a little scavenger hunt for 1.4 that allows players to go search for the listed items and PM the album to me. Whoever gets ALL the items requested, their team will get a certain prize! Now, when this takes place is exactly ANY server ( that your team decided on ) right after the 1.4 Update on EmpireMinecraft :)

    Here are the rules of the contest.If you break any of the rules listed below, you'll be disqualified!
    1. You cannot buy ANYTHING that'll help you get any stuff ( I.E Nether Star , Beacon , Iron Blocks ( for anvils, but you can buy stuff for the beacon's pyramid, but why buy it? )
    2. Staff may enter, but senior staff cannot spawn anything for your team to win ( A.K.A cheating)
    3. Be clean on this thread, and I'll ask mods to clean the "bad comments".
    4. Have Fun ( More rules will be added with your opinions :D

    All team members must participate ( if you give a good excuse ( I.e Busy IRL ) then you may be excused ) Now the teams will be optional. To vote for teams, simply use the poll and click the right answer :) ( Room for Teams Here )
    Special Thanks
    I just want to thank Quite_indeed for this amazing logo! I would also like to thank Shaun and chickeneer for inspiring me for doing this ( by making a contest themselves :p )
    Donations are a little way to help this contest get going. If you want to donate, just pay me the donations and I'll try to get the donations up here ASAP :)
  2. I wanna play!
  3. What stops someone from sending you a screenshot from off server or creative?
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  4. meh, I'll join
  5. I'll play, but that's quite a few items :s
  6. Sure, I'll give it a go, nothin' better to do :D

    EDIT: creppa will you join?
  7. To everybody here who wants to play, that's great!

    As to join the Scavenger Hunt, I'll try to find the items myself for fun :)

    And for the poll, I'll make ANOTHER thread about the poll lol LINK:
  8. And a question to the people, Who wants to see the IMG? :p
  9. Meh
  10. Meh? It's a good picture by Quite! :p